Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Compounding?

Compounding combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing specially trained professionals to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs. Compounding is fundamental to the profession of pharmacy and was a standard means of providing prescription medications before drugs began to be produced in mass quantities by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The demand for professional compounding has increased as healthcare professionals and patients realize that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms that are commercially available do not meet the needs of many patients, and that these patients often have a better response to a customized dosage form that is “just what the doctor ordered”.

Q: Who Can Take Compounded Medication?

Both humans and animals can take compounded medication. Remember, compounding is how pharmacy was done a hundred years ago using today’s high tech environment. Children, adults and the elderly benefit most from compounding. The taste of the medication can be customized to allow for a child’s fickle pallet. Pills can be compounded into creams so elderly patients can more easily receive medications. Your pet can have their medication customized according to their weight and tasting preferences. Compounding allows you to receive the medication in the most convenient way possible without compromising optimal effectiveness

Q: What Prescriptions Can Be Compounded?

All kinds of prescriptions can be compounded. Both the form (i.e. solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses, lollipops, creams and lotions) and strength of the medication can be customized. Compounding applications can include: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary, Hospice, Pediatric, Ophthalmic, Dental, Otic (for the ear), Dermatology, Chronic Pain Management, Neuropathies, Sports Medicine, Infertility, Wound Therapy, Podiatry and Gastroenterology. Louisville Compounding Pharmacy can compound:

  • unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication for each individual.
  • medications in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as transdermal gels, troches, “chewies”, and lollipops.
  • medications free of problem-causing excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose, gluten or alcohol.
  • combinations of various compatible medications into a single dosage form for easier administration and improved compliance.
  • medications that are not commercially available.

Q: Is Compounding Expensive?

Compounding may or may not cost more than conventional medication. Its cost depends on the type of dosage form and equipment required, plus the time spent researching and preparing the medication. Fortunately, compounding pharmacists have access to pure-grade quality chemicals which dramatically lower overall costs and allow them to be very competitive with commercially manufactured products.

Q: Is Compounding Legal, And Is It Safe?

Compounding has been part of healthcare since the origins of pharmacy, and is widely used today in all areas of the industry, from hospitals to nuclear medicine. Over the last decade, compounding’s resurgence has largely benefited from advances in technology, quality control and research methodology. The Food and Drug Administration has stated that compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legal as long as they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. In addition, compounding is regulated by state boards of pharmacy.

Q: Does My Doctor Know About Compounding?

Prescription compounding is a rapidly growing component of many physicians’ practices. But in today’s world of aggressive marketing by drug manufacturers, some may not realize the extent of compounding’s resurgence in recent years. Ask your physician about compounding. Then get in touch Louisville Compounding Pharmacy– we are committed to providing high-quality compounded medications in the dosage form and strength prescribed by the physician.

Q: Do I Need A Prescription For Custom Compounded Drugs?

Yes, a prescription is required for all compounded medications. However, we carry nutritional supplements that do not require a prescription.

Q: How Can I Receive My Prescription From Your Pharmacy?

You may pick up your prescription at Louisville Compounding Pharmacy or we would be happy to ship your prescription to you by US mail or FedEx.